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Ambubachi festival: You need to know about, Shamin Parineeta Mahika shares.

| June, 27 2016

North East India is a very unexplored region for tourism. Recently the famous Ambubachi festival, celebrated at the Kamakhya Devi Temple at Guwahati, Assam. Guwahati with 2.5 million pilgrims to Kamakhya temple in next four days. With the four-day annual Ambubachi Mela in the Kamakhya Temple devotee are geared up for accommodating in the hills. It is an annual festival and this time celebs from the state of Assam have taken up interest in sharing their thoughts about this festival. The three northeastern beauties who have made a hold on Entertainment Industry share about the significance of the fest.

SHAMIN MANNAN (Dibrugarh): India is said to be the land of Gods. Here we experience many such symptoms which make us believe the tales of god are true. Ambubasi fest which is organized at Kamakhya temple at assam, my home state. It is said to be birth place of earth and it is among the oldest 52 Shakti Peethas of India. According to kalika purana, mother earth (Durga) goes through her yearly menstrual cycle during the days during monsoon. Lakhs of devotee visits to have glimpse and pray to goddess for peace and prosperity. This period is known to be the most auspicious.

: Ambubachi Mela is the most important and popular festival at the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. I have exprienced the mela when I was in Guwahati for my higher education. Ambubachi Fest is also known as the Ameti or the Tantric fertility festival and has a close association with the tantric rituals and practices. The fest is a ritual of austerities celebrated with ‘Tantric rites’ and celebrates the yearly menstrual cycle of the goddess Kamakhya. Millions of devotees visit to have glimpse and Pray to Maa Kamakhya for blessing and Mother Earth and Suprime Power Durga will for sure bless her true hearted devotee and give them power to live healthy.

MAHIKA SHARMA (Tinsukia): I have visited the temple during the time of Ambubasi fest at times of my college. It is believed that the earth becomes impure for three days as mother Durga goes for menstration period once in a year every monsoon and during this time no puja, reading of scriptures, farming work is undertaken. After three days Maa Kamakhya is bathed and other rituals are performed. On fourth day, temple doors are reopened and Prasad is distributed. I think people who are in search of God must visit the place during the fest.

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