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First Poster out of Film "Baba Retired Zaale"‏

| July, 11 2015

Baba Retired Zaale touches a chord… a tribute to 7/11 serial blast victims 


Sometimes life imitates art…

Coinciding with the first poster release of Baba Retired Zaale, a Marathi film based on the 7/11 serial train blasts that rocked Mumbai in 2006, comes the death of the horrific terrorist attack’s 189th victim this week. Parag Sawant passed away on July 7, after lying in coma for nine years. 

Baba Retired Zaale (BRZ) goes beyond taking profound inspiration from the tragic account of young Parag Sawant’s life, it’s a heart-rending compilation of the emotional upheaval in a retired father’s life as he deals with an apathetic system after his son suffers fatal injuries like the unfortunate 7/11 victim. 

Director Nishant A. Bhuse, one of Mumbai’s leading investigative journalists who reported on the 7/11 blasts with rare emotion for a popular Mumbai tabloid, says, “I came across several shocking human interest stories which were never told. A family’s futile wait for compensation, a father’s never ending struggle with the system, a son who battled for years to return to normal life before succumbing… all of which I seamlessly wove to recreate as a fictitious character.”

Other specialists who will work on BRZ to bring reality to the screen include Director of Photography Hardeep Sachdev, winner of the 2008 LA International Photography Award (IPA) who has worked on innumerable documentaries and in the making of Lagaan, Dil Chahata Hai and Sarkar Raj. And also Project Designer and Producer Sagar Thackar of Igloo 360 Motion Pictures whose expertise is line production and post and whose works over the last 10 years include films like John Day, WTF and Kamasutra 3D. 

BRZ goes on the floors in the third week of August with a month-long shoot across real Mumbai locations. “It’s taken three years of research and intensive screen writing for BRZ to roll with India’s critically acclaimed talents from Marathi and Hindi cinema,” says Bhuse. The film is slated to be screened at renowned international film festivals including Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Berlin. It will have an Indian release in 2016.     

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