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YouTube on Android with two new virtual reality features.

Harsha Masand | November, 09 2015

The video network has added two new VR features to YouTube’s Android app.

YouTube has trained its eyes on the next big thing in the digital video space - Virtual Reality (VR). 

YouTube VR senior product manager Kurt Wilms, YouTube product manager Sanjeev Verma and Jump product manager Husain Bengali collectively said in a post “If we’ve learned anything in the past 10+ years at YouTube it’s that capturing and sharing videos is a great way to bring people there with you—whether “there” is an Icelandic glacier, aspecial performance by violinist Tim Fain, or just a friend’s birthday party,”

“So if you were excited about 360° videos, this is pretty freakin’ cool,” they added.
To give it a try, find a VR video on YouTube - like the Hunger Games Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving Trip - tap the new Cardboard icon, drop your phone into your Cardboard viewer, and you’re off! 
Creators can also check out technologies like Jump to capture and share their own VR videos.

YouTube now supports VR video - a brand new kind of video that makes you feel like you’re actually there. Using the same tricks that we humans use to see the world, VR video gives you a sense of depth as you look around in every direction. Near things look near, far things look far.

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