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You have to start yourself to make your own mark in the industry says Amit Jadhav

News Helpline | November, 30 2018

Singer and dancer Amit Jadhav also known as 'AJ' says he is glad X-Factor gave him the chance to perform in front of a big crowd and the judges but didn't expect anything more from it. Rather he thinks its best to keep working to make your own mark in the industry.
AJ interacted with media on Monday talking about the success of his first single, 'Haye Ve Soni'  with T series.
When asked what kind of support did he receive from the X-Factor judges in the past that understood and appreciated his talent, Amit said, "I am really glad that I got that standing ovation during the audition and I think there wasn't anything more that I could ask for.
Workwise I don't think anybody can really support you in the industry because you have to start yourself and make your own mark. I am just glad I was able to perform in front of so many people and the judges like Amitabh Bachchan, Sonu ji, Shreya ji, who appreciated my work a lot. "
After X Factor AJ performed in more than 750 shows at Weddings and Corporate events.  
Talking about his new shows and the changes in his recent performances AJ said he wanted to add more to his work just like his inspiration Michael Jackson. He also confessed he started singing and dancing because of MJ. He added, "Later on, I decided to add a new concept to my performance like Michael Jackson's shows used to have some music and dance and something extra, same way I too decided to add graphics to my shows.
People really get shocked because the shows are loved and with singing and dancing at the same time I also keep the graphics in mind and work around them. So people have a lot of fun because they get to see something unique. Ever since I have been doing shows and events around the world, and now I have finally created a music video."  
His latest 'Haye Ve Soni' Music video was released on T series channel in late October and has since received around 2 million views. 
Amit was given the name AJ by his fans after watching him perform like Michael Jackson, who was also known as MJ.
AJ's 'Haye Ve Soni' has received a lot of love and support online and is available on Youtube for browsing. The video is released by T-Series and directed by Prashant Singh.

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