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rajan anandan md google india is growing his business in mobile internet world.

News Helpline | April, 16 2012

2012 is a generation of fast growing world. It’s a world of internet users. In india the rate of mobile internet users are growing at a high rate. 850 million, digital and mobile media have yet to find a comfortable space in the regular media mix of advertisers.

An internet giant like Google has very well understood the market and its demand. Google is highly optimistic about the adoption of mobile advertisement by marketers. Hence MD Rajan Anandan Google India believes digital industry will be led by mobile devices. People’s life would become more easily just as a click.

Smart phones, androids phones have increased the number of users. People have become smarter and made their world easy at a click.  Here are some reasons why Rajan decides to expand his business and venture more into mobile industry.

Growth of smart phone smart phones has exceeded the number of PC and Laptops. People access to internet via mobile more than any other medium.  

Device and data pricing of smart phones are reasonable than any other device. It’s also presumed there will be about a 100 million smart phone users in India by 2015.Search and data consumption to multiply at present there are approximately a number more than 200 million Android OS users globally. People are vouching more for it. High data consumption of smart phones will soon overtake the high speed internet connectivity that compared to a notebook or laptop/ pc.

Mobile video consumption on growth curve. A large number mobile users download and watch movies, songs or any video. They share videos online. People stay connected 24 x 7 on Wass up chat, FB, Twiter, G-talk and much more. Phone like blackberry is reasonable for all time internet users. Smart phones are user friendly and net protected. App economy is low. Even Small towns to fuel growth, in fast growing years. When you have all facility to access your internet though your mobile phone why go for a laptop. MD google india is well versed with this, that’s the reason why he takes step towards a world of easy touch.  


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