Tue, 31 Jan, 2023
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Post a Rollercoaster 2022, actress Payal Ghosh is Looking to Welcome New Year as a Fresh Chance to Start Over

Ravi Sharma | December, 31 2022

It has been a year of huge ups and downs for Payal Ghosh where the highs have been high and the lows have been extremely low. While the highs are mostly due to her work which took off further, her lows were mainly due to her poor. But guess what, despite her health issues she remained consistent in her work and even bagged several awards for it.
Payal said, "It's been a time to remember for me. I was down with my health and that has led to some complications but things look better now. I have been shooting consistently for my films and other projects. And it has been a time to remember. I started the year with a shoot that was a long schedule. It was hectic but I had a great time shooting. It kept me very busy. 
The real downtime was when my health was down. I had gained weight due to that and I am still carrying some of it. Need to shed that out. The diet and workout are in place currently. The 2023  new year is going to be full of hope for me. I want to be better than I have been in every aspect. I want to spread more happiness and help more people.”
She further said, “I want to entertain and rule hearts. There is no satisfaction and validation like the one that the audience gives. For an actor and a performer that is the ultimate thing and one that I strive for. The pursuit in that direction will be strong. I am going to do more projects and a lot of pre-production work for them has been done. So really looking forward to them. 
Let's all stay together, connected and caring for one another. The world can be a brutal place as we all have dealt with COVID and our true strength lies in unity. We are a generation who have survived a pandemic and that says a lot about our resilience and fortune. Let's spread love and work toward being the best version of ourselves in the upcoming year. Loads of love to all."

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