Fri, 19 Aug, 2022
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Outstanding story of Shaffik Mohammed a well-Known singer, Musician who turned out to be a FIFA World Cup Dance Choreographer

News Helpline | June, 30 2022

The most often spoken and searched-for name online right now is "Shaffik Mohammed." You might be wondering, "Who is this guy?" Shaffik Mohammed, a talented musician, singer, and choreographer of the most-popular FIFA World Cup Dance, hails from a clan of circus performers.
He became the buzz of the town and stirred up an internet uproar with his energetic moves and elegant dance routines. Shaffik Mohammed's magnificent journey through time is the source of all of his brilliance, zeal, and dedication to his work!
Shaffik is a citizen of the UK. Shaffik was born and educated in a Moroccan circus family with roots in Amsterdam; six generations of his family have made a life as circus performers. Since he was a child, Shaffik has been passionate about inventing new things. He has been enthralled by music and singing ever since he was a young child. He was a natural dancer. With his family, Shaffik performed in circuses. His dancing was distinctive, and spectators will always hold a particular place in their hearts for it. He decided to pursue a career in music, dancing, and singing.
At Monte Carlo, the world's largest circus festival, Shaffik competed in a variety of events and received various awards. His trademark dance routines and distinctive voice won the hearts of millions of people, and he soon began receiving offers for TV shows and serials. Since then, Shaffik hasn't turned back. 
On new TV shows like "Disk Hyati" and the movie "Pistol Era," he collaborated with well-known Hollywood performers Robert Davi, Danny Trejo, Damian Chapa, and many others.
Talking about his extraordinary family support, Shaffik says, "My family is my strongest supporter. They are the reason I am who I am today. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to get their unrivaled blessings and support continuously. I was inspired to become an acrobat in the circus after seeing six generations of my family put forth a lot of effort. I owe my family everything. Without their help, I could never have succeeded.”
Shaffik's extraordinary talent has earned him admiration from royal families all over the world. He also choreographed some of the most well-known, viral songs from around the world at the time. 
At the MTV Awards Night, Shaffik had the honor of working with international superstars including Redone Rihanna, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Fifth Harmony.
There was no turning back for Shaffik after receiving the amazing opportunity to create the dances for the 2022 World Cup Redone, Ft. Davido, Ft. Trinidad, and Ft. Aicha. 
Shaffik Mohammed created the distinctive choreography for the "World Cup Draw" songs from the FIFA World Cup Live Show that are most well-known and beloved. The songs gained popularity on the Internet and are cherished by all.
“I have a few projects with certain superstars in the queue for choreographing their videos; I've started the job and can't wait for it to be launched”, says Shaffik when asked about his future.

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