Sat, 10 Jun, 2023
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Masaba Gupta Opens The Largest 'House Of Masaba' Outlet Till Date In Bandra

Ravi Sharma | May, 11 2023

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta, recently opened the doors to her largest store to date in Mumbai's neighbourhood of Bandra. House of Masaba has become one the largest fashion brands ever in India. 
Masaba Gupta's designs and print patterns are instantly recognizable for their one-of-a-kind bright patterns, prints, designs, and vivid colours.
What sets this store apart from the rest of her outlets is that this gigantic place is muted, zen, with daisy walls and grey-wash flooring that channels a calming ashram. Garuda and Gauri heads adorn one side, while vintage scissors and nail clippers share space with antique brass accents on the other, unlike the quirky bold and loud colours the brand is known for. 
Masaba has taken care to not miss a single detail and given the “Masaba touch,  to all vistas, it is the interiors that make this outlet stand apart from the rest of her outlets in the city. The outlet has two counters: one for jewellery, and another for Lovechild by Masaba.
The label has flipped the design script for its Bandra outlet's new identity, which signifies the brand's metamorphosis, reflecting Gupta’s own growth as an individual from loud and bold hues to more subtle and calming hues.

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