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Google introduces product listing ads in India

News Helpline | June, 20 2013

Everyday, millions of shoppers use Google search as a starting point to research and discover products to purchase online and offline. To better serve these shoppers, Google India is introducing a new ad format in India called Product Listing Ads. This new format connects users to rich product-information such as product images, price and brands.

Starting today, we’re excited to announce that Product Listing Ads will appear on shopping-related queries on This ad format will help users easily find and compare relevant products and prices -- with clear product images and links to fine tune what they’re looking for.

Where you’ll see Product Listing Ads

This unit will initially be placed on the right-hand side of the search results page above text ads and be labeled as ‘sponsored’.

Product Listing Ads are a great opportunity for merchants to present their business and promote their products to interested shoppers as well.

● Better qualified leads:  With Product Listing Ads, merchants can increase the quality of their leads by showcasing what exactly is for sale and at what price, helping shoppers make informed purchase decisions

● Broader reach:  For a given shopping-related search, the Product Listing Ads unit will feature listings from several advertisers. The unit could include two or more listings from the same merchant.  Also, when relevant to the user’s search, Product Listing Ads may also show alongside text ads

Easy management:  With the use of product-targeting technology, merchants won’t need to use keywords.  Product Listing Ads are matched with commercial searches using the information you provide in your Merchant Center account 

We’re excited about building delightful shopping experiences for consumers in close partnership with merchants. The new Product Listing Ads will help shoppers turn their intentions into actions lightning fast. Today’s changes are a first step toward providing technology, tools and traffic to help power the Indian retail ecosystem.

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