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Facebook introduces Bandwidth Targeting.

News Helpline | September, 05 2014

Facebook has introduced a new ad unit called bandwidth targeting that lets advertisers use the Ad Create tool, Power Editor and the API to develop and target ads based on the quality of the Facebook user’s network connection. This ad unit has been rolled out globally, though the primary focus is towards emerging nations like India where adoption of data plans is low and feature phones account for a much larger share of the market than smartphones.
Apparently, Vodafone is already testing bandwidth targeting ads in India, claims this The Economic Times report.
Earlier this year Facebook started testing a new ad type in India that allowed users to place missed calls to an advertiser by clicking on an ad on their mobile phones, and receive additional content like cricket scores and celebrity messages among others. At the time Facebook had claimed that 66% of its users in India are on feature phones as of May 2014. Also, an IDC report released in August revealed that while there were 18.42 million smartphones shipments in India in Q2 2014, the feature phone market still accounted for 71% of the total mobile phone shipments for the quarter in India.
Earlier this year, Facebook allowed advertisers to distribute ads based on user's device, operating system, and the software version. This allowed the advertisers to seed the right form of advertisement that would work on a user’s existing device.

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