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Anaconda series to show on MOVIES NOW

News Helpline | July, 31 2013

This intense thriller - Anaconda 1 known to evoke sleepless nights, made Jennifer Lopez a household name. An intriguing and scary script, this movie will most certainly have the audiences on the edge of their seats! 

Anaconda 2: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid, gets bigger and scarier than the first installment. An intriguing script reveals the origin of the giant predator and accounts for a whole lot of action and power packed performances by the cast.

After two genetically-altered 60-foot anaconda snakes escape their lab cages, a select troop of soldiers, big game hunters and scientists set out on their trail. They must be hunted down at any cost as the queen snake is about to give birth to hundreds more of the deadliest animals on earth! Catch this deadly adventure in Anaconda 3: The Offspring.

The fourth and the last installment of the Anaconda series, Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood picks up where the third film ended. With an interesting plot of a genetically created Anaconda regenerating itself into two aggressive giant snakes when cut in halves, Anaconda 4 is a well-rounded action packed adventure with a thrilling end.

Tune into this exciting adventure fest all this month every Thursday at 11pm only on MOVIES NOW!

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