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Agent Jadoo begins fight against piracy

News Helpline | September, 10 2012

The fight against Malayalam movie piracy has ushered with "Agent Jadoo" an anti piracy software launched a month ago. People who have uploaded or watched pirated movie by connecting to Mollywood on the internet is receiving warning from down south in Kerala.

The software Jadoo instantly detects piracy if anybody uploads any songs or films illegally onto any site from any part of the world. Its automated feature also scans social networking site, torrents and file sharing cyber lockers. The culprit is automatically identified and pinned down.

The power of the software has been known after a case was registered against a 19-year-old Malayali student in Pune, who pirated Malyalam film 'Bachelor Party' in the internet and 18 others who have uploaded it. It has been known the software has further identified 1000 users who have uploaded the pirated version of the film.

Once the culprits are identified by Jadoo team they work in close cooperation with the law implementation agency to initiate legal proceeding.

Jadoo has also detected piracy of the recently launched 'Second Show' and 'Ordinary.' More than three million people have reportedly watched the movie illegally in the internet.

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