Thu, 18 Aug, 2022
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Adult cancerous patients get more panic about the disease rather than children, says Rohini Hak.

News Helpline | December, 24 2019

Producer, writer, Rohini Hak and also the founder of 'Hope B Lit' ,was recently seen joining hands with 'Cankids Kidscan', (Change for Childhood Cancer in India). says that  adult patient get more panic of cancer rather than the children. She further added that, when kids gets affected by cancer, they due to the lack of knowledge, they don't think much and handles the disease more nicely as compared to adults.

Rohini Hak was seen interacting with the media on Monday in Mumbai.

'Hope B Lit' is a nonprofit organization.   Under the Bayfield Foundation Inc., 'Hope B-Lit' is an effort to generate awareness about how one can aid the fight against cancer.'

When asked what is the difference between an adult and a child fighting against this disease, on this Rohini said, "Cancer is a disease, which nowadays has become a flu. Fear factor is more among the adults rather than the children, because the adults keep thinking about their illness. But on the other hand, children recover fast, as they are not so aware about the cancer. We always try to convey people that cancer is curable and one doesn't need to fear about the disease. Because for such patients mental health is more important."

Discussing more about her ways of handling cancer patient kids Rohini said, "There are many ways to handle them, such as we conduct different types of workshops of music, dance and oral care. We keep involving them in these activities, so that they enjoy and forget about the disease, but adults don't. Hence it's very easy to tackle with the kids, rather than the adults."

'Got Cancer' an experimental short films, was directed by Kankana Chakraborty,  written and produced by Rohini Hak .


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