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Self-Quarantine – Watch These Movies Showcasing Pandemic Situations

Ravi Sharma | March, 20 2020

With the spread of Corona Virus worldwide, self quarantined has become the need of the hour. People are staying at home and are looking at weeks of isolation or social distancing to fight this deadly pandemic.  Well the best time pass while being at home is binge watching some movies . Today we bring to you list of movies which depicts how entertainment industry was prepping us up to experience this dark phase in real life.


CONTAGION (2011): Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this american action thriller film depicts spread of a virus transmitted by fomites. How this virus that originates from Hong Kong cause a widespread throughout the world. The pandemic affects the social order worldwide and how finally a vaccine is introduced to fight it.

OUTBREAK (1995): Directed by Wolfgang Peterson, this film revolves around a deadly Ebola like virus, Motaba carried by a monkey from African Forest to the small cities of the United States. The film was inspired from the book 'The Hot Zone'. When the film was released in 1995,  a real life outbrek of the virus Ebola was occuring in Zaire, a country in Central Africa.

FLU (2013): Directed by Kim Sung-su, this South Korean film depicts the pitiable plight of the citizens of Bundang, a city 20 km away from Seoul, who become ground zero when a deadly flu H5N1 outbreak takes place in their city. The film is so relatable to today's condition.

PACIFIC LINER (1939): Directed by Lew Landers, the movie depicts chaos in a ship from Shanghai to San Francisco, when a man infected with Cholera stows away on it and the disease then spreads amongst the other members on the ship. This film portrays that taking the right steps at the right time can help fight the crisis.

12 MONKEYS (1995): Directed by Terry Gilliam, this film revolves around the life of a convict who has to travel back in time to learn about the main reason of an outbreak of a pandemic so that the survivors in his time can find a cure for it.

We would not be surprised if after watching these films, you would be able to relate it to the current day situation. On that note, we would end it and would advise everyone to stay safe and maintain personal hygiene to fight COVID-19!

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