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6 channels of Positive Media Group are in "Black Out" State.

News Helpline | April, 23 2012

Former Mminister Matang Singh's Positive Media group's 6 channels are in a state of Black out since last 3 days. Before going further a brief history about Positive Media Group.

Positiv Television Pvt .Ltd (PTPL) a Media company, is Northeast India's leading news broadcaster which  presently has six news brands – NE television, NE-HiFi, NE-Bangla, HY.TV, HAMAR TV and FOCUS TV – that cater to the news and information needs of Hindi, English, Bengali, Urdu, Bhojpuri and all the regional Purabia & North eastern language audiences respectively. PTPL also ventured into AIR WAVES  by launching the regions first FM stations – Radio Ooo la la stationed at Guwahati, Shillong, Agartala & Itanagar. Apart from television and radio PTPL started a Film & Television Production House – Mayurarth Films.

But even after such good records all the 6 channels of Positive media group is in Black out condition since last 3 days. According to the management the blackout is because of some technical problem in the satellite and nothing can be done about technical problems. They take their own time to get settled. But through the inside sources, the actual reason behind this blackout is the nonpayment of the Transmission fees. The financial condition of the group is so poor that employees are not getting salaries on time. Many of their staff  is already left.  One more fact about this group has also come in light and that is about one of its channel Hamar Tv. This channel had taken a loan of Rs. 52crore from Indian Overseas Bank which is still not paid. In spite of all these facts , Mr. G.K.Shastri, the Director of Positive Media group says that the black out is due to Technical problems and will be solved within a day or two. We really wish him all the LUCK.

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