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“Vital Stats of India” on History TV 18 with Rocky and Mayur.

News Helpline | November, 22 2014

Rocky and Mayur of the “Highway on My Plate” fame on NDTV Good Times is now going to showcase a new series on History  TV18 ‘vital Stats of India”, revealing informative and fascinating facts of our country in their usual unconventional, quirky manner.

The show will be aired on friday at 9 PM for six episodes of half an hour each.  Rocky and Mayur will live-tweet before the show premiere, to drive buzz and curiosity. The channel will also partner with for weekly stories on interesting and unique OMG facts about the various aspects of India.

Sharing the thought behind the show, Sangeetha Aiyer, VP and Head, Marketing, A+E Networks I TV18 JV, said, “The initial idea and inspiration was drawn from a similar show called ‘United Stats of America’. Keeping the basic concept intact, we decided to bring it to Indian audiences by showcasing compelling statistics about our country, and sharing stories around numbers relevant to India. So ‘Vital Stats of India’ is completely different from what we have done earlier.

Rocky and Mayur have a large fan following and they are synonymous with travel shows. They are popular and their chemistry and their irreverent fun take on things works well for a show like this,”

The topics that will be discussed on the show include  – ‘size and diversity’, ‘food’, ‘rupee’, ‘cricket’, ‘Bollywood’ and ‘elections’. Also, they will take us across Bengaluru, Mysore, Meerut, Goa, Aurangabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

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