Sun, 28 May, 2023
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‘The Hero’s Journey_Aakhyaan to be held on Saturday,16th January, 2016.

Harsha Masand | January, 13 2016

The Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai, announces the second edition of Aakhyaan to be held on Saturday, 16th January, 2016. A unique and authentic knowledge forum Aakhyaan aims to reach within and revisit ancient wisdom to understand and interpret its relevance in the present context. The one day festival, brings together the corporate world, popular culture, and academia in debate and discussion.

The themes for Aakhyaan are appropriately chosen around contemporary issues/ crises that one faces in the real world. This year the theme is ‘The Hero’s Journey’, to learn more about who is a ‘hero’, what are the common patterns in a hero’s adventure across societies, and how lessons from this aspect of mythology can be applied to our contemporary lives.

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