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Watch the brand new trailer for 'The Interview'

News Helpline | December, 06 2014

Maker of the film Columbia Pictures has released the final trailer for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s controversial flick “The Interview”, through its parent company Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The film is directed by Seth & Evan Goldberg from a screenplay written by Dan Sterling, starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan and Randall Park.

The comedy film follows late-night TV show host Dave Skylark (Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Rogen) on a trip to North Korea after they are invited to interview King Jong-un.
The two TV journalists take up the offer after Rapoport grows tired of reporting fluffy shock stories about celebrities.
But their plan of action to cover a serious interview for Skylark Tonight changes when the CIA asks them to kill Jong-un during their trip.

The film has already sparked words of warning from the North Korean government, which said failure to stop the release of the movie would result in a “resolute and merciless response” from the country.

In June, the government issued a statement saying that the country considered the movie an “act of war” and a “wanton act of terror.” Rogen was also labelled a “gangster filmmaker”.
The Interview is set to hit theatres Christmas day.

Check out the final trailer

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