Sun, 04 Dec, 2022
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Today's actresses are brave, says Maggie Smith

BH Team | March, 03 2017

Maggie Smith, known as the doyenne of acting in Britain, is amazed how "brave" young women in the film industry are now about having to "strip off every second".

Smith doesn't think she would make it in showbiz if she joined it now, reports

While appearing at a fundraising talk for the Tricycle Theatre in north London, Smith said: "I think they are so brave, the young actresses of today. They seem to have to strip off every second. I can't imagine how they cope with it today, I really don't. They are required to do the most extraordinary things.

She added: "If I was asked to start now, I just don't think I could, seriously. It's difficult to imagine myself at that age because girls are starting even younger than how young I was (when I started). I think it's very, very, very hard now."

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