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Salma Hayek talks about her first kiss, reveals she tastes like honey

News Helpline | September, 08 2019

Salma Hayek has been known as one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood during an interview opened up about her first kiss. She talked about life lesson on kissing and warned young girls about using honey to soften their lips. Hayek took to Instagram and shared an IGTV video of an interview where she spoke about her first kiss. She went on to reveal it was an ultimatum by her boyfriend, slightly elder to her.

She captioned the post as, "Here are some kissing techniques in case you want to try over the weekend,". In the video, she can be heard saying, "My first kiss was by this river... where we used to go water skiing. But I was the last one of my friends to kiss and I had this boyfriend for about three four-months and I wouldn't kiss him and he was a little older than me and he said.. no, it was before the three months 'if you dont kiss me by the month three I'm gonna break up with you because this is ridiculous."

She opened up about being scared about not knowing how to kiss, she said, "I started doing a survey with all my friends 'tell me the exact technique' and one of them said 'you dont open your mouth, you just go like this but with the mouth close' and the other one said "no no...that's not good. You have to open your mouth. Stick your tongue in his mouth and then do one round to the right and one round to the left."

She added, "You wait for him to stick his tongue in your month and you kind of suck with it..." However, she decided to use honey to  moisten her lips and when the day finally came, Hayek asked the boy "how she tasted" and his answer was "like honey".

"Even if I was not good at kissing, at least I tasted good," she said. However, she did warn fans about using honey, "I went on to put the honey on my lips, I burnt my mouth, I had ants come at night in my room and bite my face so please girls do not do the honey on your lips...,"

Salma Hayek recently celebrated her 53rd birthday while in London but in Mexican style.


Aquí hay unas técnicas para besar por si las quieren probar este fin de semana. @WMag

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