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Robert Downey Jr. spills the beans on nervous Chris Evans

| April, 18 2016

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. spills the beans on nervous Chris Evans, his Iron Baby girl and a lot more on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – and the visit turned out to be nothing less than a roller coaster ride! The hilarious episode was taken over by the international superstar along with rest of the Iron Man team – Emily VanCamp, Paul Bettany and Don Cheadle from the soon to be released film Captain America: Civil War. The actor was in top form speaking about the iconic character, the film, Chris Evans, Spider Man star Tom Holland and a lot more.

The actor kept the audience in splits with his witty replies. When Jimmy asked him about the film, Robert said, “Oh you know I think this thing might do okay.” Robert was at his cheeky best as he replied to the question, “Do you like watching yourself as Iron Man onscreen?” – He said,“Ah, more and more every time.”

Speaking about Chris, Robert admitted his love for Evans and Captain America, but he just wished that Chris would go with the flow a bit more. "All I know is, Chris Evans is such a nervous nelly (but) he plays a real butch guy in the movie. I love Captain America — I hate to say it, I'm not supposed to say it, I love Chris, I love Captain America. Before the premiere, he's all nervous. We're supposed to drive in the Audis. He's like 'Bro, I don't know, should you go first, should I go first?' I was like 'Man up, we've got to go to this premiere together!’”

Besides Captain America, the actor also loves Tom Holland, the young boy who plays Spider Man in the film. Speaking about Tom, Robert said,“Tom Holland, is a British actor, we’ve seen him on other stuff before, but he is a fantastic actor.” Kimmel, who has already seen "Civil War", noted that Peter Parker's Aunt May just seems to keep getting younger, and now she's played by Marisa Tomei. To which Robert Downey Jr, said, "He's got like a hot aunt. My god, just think of the possibilities."

Kimmel also shared a picture of the actor’s daughter, Avri Roel, wearing his Iron Man glove. RDJ said he gave her a choice between the shield and the gauntlet and she naturally went for Team Iron Man. Jimmy said he has an "iron baby," and she's so cute.

The actor also revealed how he has a prop –the large alphabet A from the sets of the last marvel film – Avengers: Age of Ultron in his office!

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