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Owen Wilson and Rebel Wilson still recall the talent and warmth of the late actor-Robin William

Harsha Masand | February, 18 2015

Owen Wilson and Rebel Wilson still recall the talent and warmth of the late actor.

Robin and I would always get paired together to do our press [interviews] and you couldn't ask for a better person to do interviews with, because you knew that Robin was going to do a lot of the heavy lifting. I've done a million press junkets over the years. When I was working with Robin on the Night At The Museum interviews, it was the first time the camera guys clapped when we finished .... And they weren't clapping for me! They were clapping because Robin gave amazing, different answers every single time and he would just go off on those funny riffs that he did. You realized watching him that the guy's brain was just operating at a different level from everybody else's. I feel very lucky to have such great memories, to have seen that firsthand and also to have experienced the real warmth that he had as a person. He was a very sensitive person," said Owen Wilson.

Adding to this, actress Rebel Wilson added, "I really cried when I watched the film. His performance was so beautiful, I thought it was great and it made me very emotional. Robin was lovely. He watched one of the scenes that I did where I come out and have a character captive. I have a hammer and I am saying to Ben: 'I'm going to hurt your twin brother if you run away.' It took hours to film that scene and Robin watched all of it. Then he asked me if I would come and talk to him and I did and we talked for ages about comedy. He didn't have to do that, but he was so kind and generous. He's a comedy genius and a legend."

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