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My mother was very daring: David O Russell

BH Team | April, 11 2017

 Director David O Russell says he was inspired by his "daring" mother to make a film like "Joy", which highlights women as a powerful force.

The film showcases the real-life American Dream story of Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence) -- the blue-collar single mom best known as the inventor of The Miracle Mop.

Talking about it, Russell said in a statement: "My inspirations for the film were the actual daring women I've known in my life. My mother was a very daring woman. All of her friends were -- they were always at the kitchen table trying to get involved in the Board of Education.

"They were also trying to create things 'cause it was very hard for some of them to get jobs in the 1980s and the 1970s."

Russell added: "You see Joy take care of her whole family as the quiet person from the first part of the movie in a salt of the earth world, metal garage, soap operas of her mother's at home, and become a force. That's what makes me want to see a movie, is when a woman becomes fierce and has power but not in a glamorous way, in a way that she ends up being very forgiving and benevolent but you can see that she's a very, very intense, fierce person inside there."

The film based on a true story will air in India on Star Movies Select HD's True Story on Wednesday.


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