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Mischa Barton to take legal action against sex tape seller

BH Team | March, 16 2017

Actress Mischa Barton is planning to take legal action after she became a victim of "revenge pornography".

It was reported earlier this week that a sex tape involving Barton was being shopped around at various porn outlets. 

Barton on Wednesday responded to those reports with the help of attorney Lisa Bloom during a press conference, saying that they will now take a legal action against the tape peddler, reports

"I've been put through an incredibly hard and trying time. This is a painful situation, and my absolute worst fear was realised when I learned that someone I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments, without my consent with hidden cameras," Barton said in a statement.

"Then I learned something even worse: that someone is trying to sell these videos and make them public. I came forward to fight this not only for myself but for all the women out there," she added.

Barton said that she is taking legal action to protect herself "from the pain and humiliation I've had to go through".

"No woman should have to go through this. It is a very hard thing to do but I am glad that I am finally standing up for myself," she concluded.

While she did not reveal the name of the person who is shopping the sexually explicit images, Bloom said that Barton has been granted an immediate domestic violence restraining order against the person. 

Source - IANS

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