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Michelle Keegan a quick dresser

BH Team | April, 01 2017

Actress Michelle Keegan says she is a quick dresser, and there are only two factors that can slow her down.

"I am quite quick. If my hair is already washed, I don't really do anything with my hair I just run a brush through it with the hairdryer, so if my hair is already washed it normally takes about an hour, 45 minutes to an hour, and if I know what I'm wearing," Keegan told BANG Showbiz.

However, the actress said that there are two factors that can delay her, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"What makes me go wrong is when I don't know what I'm wearing, so I'm trying on outfits and it's like a changing room slinging everything, and I need to wash my hair and dry it, they are the two things that hold me up. If everything is done I'll be fine," she said.

Keegan has said that she would "love" to design an accessories line for the brand.

"People always ask. And obviously this year I haven't even thought about it because, obviously, I've been so busy. It is something I'd love to do in the future, definitely. Not talks yet, but I do love my jewellery, I love stacking jewellery, I love dainty jewellery, things like that. Finger crossed, maybe," she said.

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