Sun, 28 May, 2023
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Love Story Based On Polyamory, Trailer Of Lust Life Love Is Out

Ravi Sharma | May, 28 2021

The first official trailer of Lust Life Love from the house of 1091 Pictures is out. This one defines a whole new dimension of love, which comes with freedom but not the heart-ache.

A star-crossed love story set in the world of polyamory and sex parties in New York City. The film is directed by Benjamin Feuer and Stephanie Sellars, and stars Stephanie Sellars Jake Choi, Makeda Declet, Jeanna Han, Rolando Chusan, Renee Erikson, and Bill Irwin.

The film is narrated from Veronica Willow’s point of view, an avid blogger from New York City, who writes about her polyamorous sex life.

Independent, confident, sexy and free, Veronica seems to have it all: a girlfriend Joanne, a Mexican lover Pedro, an array of intriguing friends and strangers that she enjoys at sex parties.

Then she meets Daniel—a handsome, monogamous, married man. Seduced by the challenge, Veronica pursues him, and as they dive into an affair, her heart and her identity gradually get turned inside out.

The screenplay is written by Stephanie Sellars. This premiered at the Berlin Independent Film Festival earlier this year. The film releases on 14th September.

Check Out The Trailer:- 

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