Thu, 08 Jun, 2023
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I understand I'm a product, but I don't have to like it :Megan Fox

Sanyukta Thakare | October, 28 2017

Megan Fox, who is considered as one of Hollywood's most iconic sex symbols, says she knows that she is a "product" but doesn't like the term.
The actress doesn't have any qualms about being looked at in that way, but hates the  reports
"I understand I'm a product -- but I don't have to like it. The truth is, I'm actually very private," she said.

"It's just a biological fact: sex does sell. But I wish it was more gender equal. I'm happy to buy some sex, too. It's not wrong, it just needs to go both ways. Women shouldn't have to carry the burden. And I think we have so far," Fox told Cosmopolitan magazine.
Fox doesn't enjoy being seen as a "product", but she's come to accept it as part and parcel of her acting career.

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