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"I am Modi's Fan- Arnold Schwarzenegger"

News Helpline | February, 05 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited New York, Hollywood Actor Hugh Jackman was seen supporting and welcoming him, and now another Hollywood Action Megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his respect, support of Prime Minister Narendra modi.

38th Governor of California Serving back to back two terms, Arnold, an Austrian-born American actor, producer, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, professional bodybuilder, and politician is a part of the summit in Delhi as founder of R20.

Today while addressing Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2015 (DSDS15) in Delhi. Arnold Schwarzenegger described Gujarat as California of India.

Schwarzenegger said he has been admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Arnold said, “I thank Prime Minister Modi for all works he is doing. I have been admiring him since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat which I heard is California of India. And he has created some very good actions in Gujarat.”

Arnold praised a “brilliant idea” to cover Gujarat’s canals with solar panels.

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