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Harry Styles accused of copying guitar riff for single

BH Team | April, 22 2017

One Direction star Harry Styles has been accused of plagiarising a guitar riff of "Baby blue", a song by 1970s rock band Badfinger, for his single "Ever since New York".

Styles made his debut TV performance as a solo artist on "Saturday Night Live" by performing two songs -- "Sign of the times" and "Ever since New York" -- from his upcoming album.

Fans of Badfinger have since blasted the One Direction star on social media, reports aceshowbiz.com.

"This is the last thing Harry needed. His solo launch hasn't quite gone to plan and this is another distraction. He takes real pride in his new material and to be accused of nicking a riff will really hurt," a source told The Sun newspaper.

The issue also quickly turned into a trending topic on Twitter. 

Tennis player Laura Thorpe tweeted: "That eight note bassline in that Harry Styles song sounds lifted from Badfinger's ‘Baby blue'." 

Author Peter Kirkpatrick wrote: "I wonder if Harry Styles has ever heard Badfinger's ‘Baby blue', and if he will hear from their lawyer." 

Source : IANS

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