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Geoffrey Owens is backed by more Hollywood celebs

Sanyukta Thakare | September, 05 2018

Hollywood fraternity has come out in support of actor Geoffrey Owens, who was shamed by people for working at a grocery store.

A number of celebrities took to Twitter over Labour Day weekend to commend Owens' hard work, after a video surfaced of  Owens bagging groceries at a supermarket, which was deemed shameful by social media.

The "Cosby Show" former actor was defended by many actors and celebs like  Terry Crews Chris Rankin Blaire Underwood and more. 

Blaire Underwood took to her social media page and tweeted, "No shame in good, honest, hard work. He is being a man in doing what he needs to do to provide for himself and his family. Much respect to you Sir."

Pamela Adlon wrote, "I had been a working actor for years. Jobs stopped, as they do. I worked in retail. At a flower shop. I passed out flyers. It's about the work. Work gives you pride and purpose. Your visibility as an actor never goes away. But the money sure does."

Justin Bateman said the people passing judgement are trash, " So, 26 years after one TV job, this guy looks differently (shock) and is earning an honest living at a Trader Joe's. The people taking his picture and passing judgment are trash."

Geoffrey in an interview with TIME said he hops this conversation will stir up positive change in job shaming, "No job is less than other. Some might pay more have have better perks but there is nothing to be shamed about working at a supermarket."

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