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Diane Keaton wants whiter teeth

BH Team | April, 27 2017

 Veteran actress Diane Keaton would love to have whiter teeth, but she claims her previous battle with bulimia has destroyed the "inside of her mouth".

The 71-year-old says that due to her battle with bulimia she has to get teeth removed if she wants to fulfil her dream of having whiter teeth, reports

"Okay, here's my feeling about teeth whiteners. Personally, I would really like to have much whiter teeth than I have. But my teeth are so bad because you know when I was younger, I went through a period of bulimia. That ruins your teeth. I've had so much work just to keep mine. Don't ever go there. So, I think if I were to have whiter teeth, I'd have to get rid of my teeth," Keaton said.

Talking about her hair, the star says it has completely turned white as she has aged and she doesn't want to change her hair colour. She also believes lighter hair looks better on older people than brunette hair.

"Of course I'm going to do the best I can. Given the circumstances. I exercise - I really enjoy my treadmill. My hair is now white. It's better to have light around your face - I think it looks better on older people. Darker hair is not as softening," she said.

Source : IANS

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