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Check out the new trailer of 'The Peanuts'

News Helpline | January, 06 2015

Fox Entertainment has recently released the brand new trailer for 'The Peanuts' film and it looks as adorable and fun as Charles Schulz’s iconic comic strips.

The ‘Peanuts’ gang, originally created by cartoonist Charles Schulz, have appeared in so many incarnations in their 65-year history. They’ve been a comic strip, a series of much-beloved television specials, a Broadway musical, greeting card staples, and even the successful pitchmen for life insurance. Now, for the first time, they’re becoming a 3D feature film, with this year’s ‘The Peanuts Movie.’

In the last trailer, there were Christmas lights and wreaths, but this time, it's just a bunch of snow, and Snoopy hiding from an unseen enemy. Perhaps that other bookend was just used around the time of the holidays and isn't actually in the movie.

Now a new teaser trailer has arrived using that same footage, but with completely different bookends surrounding that sequence.

The late Charles Schulz’s son, Craig Schulz, and his son, Bryan Schulz collaborated on the screenplay for the new film and produced it as well, along with "Bridesmaids" and ‘The Heat’ director Paul Feig.
The film is set to hit theaters on Nov. 6.

Have a look at the new trailer below

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