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Celine Dion can't do window shopping

IANS | February, 25 2017

Singer Celine Dion finds it hard to go window shopping.

The 48-year-old says her fame means she gets mobbed when she goes into stores, and even before she became a household name, the chaotic life as the youngest of 14 children meant she never had the luxury of casual browsing, reports

"I love fashion a lot, obviously. I'm a woman on top of it, but it's hard for me to go window shopping. That's bad, it ain't happening with me, there's no window shopping," Dion told Las Vegas Review Journal.

"But I have such a wonderful relationship with my fans, even more than ever. People had so much compassion since Rene (her husband Rene Angelil) passed. I've always been accessible like an open book...

"I've never had the regular thing of being ordinary and going window shopping. It's not me to want to go into a store that's closed and opens just for me even though I love shopping too much," she added.

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