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Blood Diamond Star in The Vatican Tapes

| July, 15 2015

Hollywood horror fans have had a great first half this year and the excitement does not seem to simmer down any time soon. The latter half of the year will be marked by one of the most anticipated high concept horror movies of the year- The Vatican Tapes.   While the trailer has been intriguing horror buffs across the country, the presence of the Blood Diamond star, Leonardo Di Caprio’s co-star, Djimon Honsou has further upped the ante.The Vatican Tapes will be hitting theatres across India on 31st July, 2015.

Honsou, plays the role of the Vatican-based Priest, Vicar Imani. An Oscar nominated actor for his performance in Blood Diamond as well as his role in In America is a top of the chart favourite among Indian audience.  The popularity of Honsou first peaked among Indian audience after the release of the multi award winning, Leonardo Di Caprio starrer Blood Diamond.  The film was a great success in India as well. Some of the other popular hits by the star are Never Back Down, How to train a Dragon 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Dijmon Honsou is known for his intense character driven roles, his presence always adds on to the artistic value of a project. Honsou will be seen essaying the role of a high priest in at the Vatican. It would be interesting to see Honsou step into the shoes of a Priest.  Though the Blood Diamond star will not be a run-off- the- mill Vicar, his character is more like the soldier of God keeping his keen eyes and ears open protecting the lands of his holy father.

It was director Mark Neveldine whoi initially brought Hounsou aboard the film. “He’s hypnotizing,” states Neveldine. “We worked on a motorcycle movie a long time ago, and we had always wanted to work together again.”

Hounsou brought a powerful presence to the character of Vicar Imani, which was rooted in his perception of the role. He explains, “Vicar Imani is the new 21st century warrior of God who is fighting to revolutionize exorcism. He’s the lower foot soldier of God, trying to protect against all Satan attributes.” 

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