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Bill Cosby meme's Backfires after Internet focuses on Rape Allegations

News Helpline | November, 11 2014

A new promotional feature on Bill Cosby‘s official website has backfired. Instead, Internet users are posting stills that highlight the legendary comic's troubled past.
Bill Cosby's social media team attempted to create a fun meme-generator, but unfortunately released it into the world at a very poor time. Cosby's Twitter shared a link for the generator and tweeted, "Go ahead. Meme me!"
And he was definitely meme'd plenty of times, but instead of the fun and happy captions his camp was likely hoping for, the Internet focused on his past rape allegations that have been making headlines after Hannibal Buress' comedy show recently. 
The hashtag “#cosbymeme” saw instant uploads alluding to allegations that Cosby drugged and raped a woman at his Pennsylvania mansion in 2004.
The case was settled out of court in 2006 but that didn't stop it from taking over Twitter on Monday, with plenty of deadpan humor to spare. All thanks to Cosby's own photo tool.
Cosby’s representative haven’t yet given any comment. The feature has since been removed from Cosby's site, with The L.A. Times adding that social media mentions of the generator have also been removed from Cosby's personal account. 

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