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Avengers release, 'Avenge the Fallen' posters for Endgame.

News Helpline | March, 26 2019

The makers of Endgame, Marvel Studios released special posters for the forthcoming film, 'Endgame' on the occasion of one month to release.

Marvel Studios took to share the posters with the Avengers fans online on twitter. Two sets of posters were shared, one color for the ones alive after Thanos snapping while others in black and white.  Each of the posters spotlights one single MCU’s hero. 
We have posters of Tony, Hawkeye, Captain, Blackwidow, Thor, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, we even get posters for Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan, and the posters confirm Pepper Pots is alive along with the possibility of Jr.Stark. As part of this, one off-screen casualty was confirmed, Shuri got a black and white poster.
The tweets were captioned, "! Month. #AvengersEnggame." The film will open in theaters on 26th April.

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