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After Sex Video Fiasco, Paris now has Stalker Alert

News Helpline | February, 26 2015

Oscar Night has been big for everyone, including Paris Hilton. Most actors and actresses got their Oscars, Paris got an amazing classic Cadillac Car.

Oh wait, hold your horses, she didn’t release another one of her Sex Video Tapes. What happened was a scary stalker moment. A guy named Johnny, who is rich enough to buy an amazing Cadillac Car for Paris, but obsessed enough to stalk her and take no for an answer, delivered the car to Paris' Beverly Hills gated community.

He asked to meet Paris, so he could present her the Car, night guard at the front gate called Paris, and she said, she was calling the cops because he's been harassing her for years.

Johnny left the car on the street. No one touched it, or even reported it, but later on Tuesday someone bashed in all the windows.

Paris is convinced Johnny's the culprit because she wouldn't accept the gift, complete with flowers in the backseat.

Law enforcement sources say they've been trying to apprehend this stalker Johnny for a long time. He once flew a plane over the Hilton's Malibu compound with 2 signs, one of which read, "Can't Get Paris Whitney Hilton Out of My Mind." The other read, "Mr. & Mrs. Hilton, may I court your daughter Paris?"

Johnny also once sent Paris a really expensive wedding dress in the mail with a card that read, "Will you marry me."

As for the Caddy, it's still sitting on the street because it's legally parked and registered to Johnny.

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