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Actor Kevin Hart annoys legendary Basketball player Michael Jordan

News Helpline | June, 16 2016

Popular actor and comedian reveals the story behind Jordan’s roast on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Popular actor and comedian Kevin Hart recently learnt that legendary hero Michael Jordan doesn’t like being made fun of! In a hilarious conversation with host Jimmy Kimmel on his popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor revealed how he may have annoyed Jordan while performing a roast on him at a charity auction.
While speaking to Kimmel during the episode, Hart revealed, “I lock eyes with Mike, he’s in the front row, and I start teasing him, I was like, ‘Man, what age do you get to where it’s okay to wear your pants that high and nobody addresses it?’. I said ‘You’re telling me I’m the only one that thinks Mike’s (pants) are past the legal limit for waist?” But of course Hart clarified, “But it was like fun jokes.”
Though one must have thought, that the talented actor would have stopped taking the mickey out of his favorite player but looks like it didn’t stop there, Hart went on to tease Jordan about his tiny lip-stache who apparently wasn’t happy with the joke. Kevin told Jimmy, “He had the little square moustache at the time. I was like ‘What is that? Looks like a thumb print.’ Nobody’s laughing,” But, Kevin did get a look from Jordan, he said. “[Jordan’s] actually giving me the look like ‘Yougonna keep on going? You ain’tgonna stop?’ I don’t care, I was laughing, I was having a good time.”
But the mystery behind the daring act was finally revealed when Kevin hilariously admitted that he may have been drunk at that time.  But Mike definitely wasn’t pleased, “When I see him I’m like ‘what up, Mike?’ “And he shook my hand and he squeezed it real hard and he said ‘You have a good day.’I ain’tsee him since. He's still my favorite player, though, and if I see him again, I’m gonna ask him about it and be like, ‘You better lose the ’tude.”

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