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A look at the Cast of Independence day Resurgence Then and Now

News Helpline | June, 29 2016

Independence Day Resurgence is easily one of the most awaited blockbusters this summer. The movie is one that has been 20 years in the making and hopes to be even better than Independence Day that released in 1996. With sequel taking 20 years to finally be made, it still managed to retain some of its original cast that made the movie magical the first time around.

Here is a look at what the cast looked like in the first movie and now:

Brian Pullman – Brian Pullman played the role of President Thomas Whitmore. His iconic speech in the first movie inspired the nations of the world to step up and fight against the alien invaders. Brian reprises his role as the former president in Independence Day Resurgence.

Jeff Goldblum – Jeff plays David Levinson, the eccentric scientist that managed to stop the alien invasion in Independence Day. In Independence Day Resurgence, Goldbulm reprises his role as David Levinson, only this time he is charged with developing the earth’s defenses to protect it from any alien threat.

Vivica A. Fox - Vivica played the wife of Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith), Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller in the first movie. In the sequel, things have changed for her character after the war. She lost her husband Steven Hiller in a plane crash and now she has to support her son as he goes on to face the new alien threat.

Judd Hirsch - Judd Hirsch returns as Julius Levinson, David's father. Juilus played a pivitol role in encouragng his son to fight for the Human race and prevent the onslaught of the impending alien invasion.

Brent Spiner – Brent played the wild eyed Dr. Brackish Okun who headed Area 51 and researched the aliens for several years. His insight into the alien technology gave earths forces a fighting chance to stop the aliens. In Independence Day Resurgence, Dr. Okun, wakes up after a 20 year coma to help the human race to face a foe that has come back to finish the job they came to do back in 1996.

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