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Will Smith - Best Food in Akshay Kumar’s House

Ravi Sharma | December, 19 2017

Hollywood Star Will Smith on Monday admitted that Akshay Kumar offers “the best food” in India.

"The last time I was here, I had dinner with Akshay Kumar and it was literally the best food I have ever had. There was a little bit of everything but my favorite was Chicken Tikka Masala. He had different Naans and he did it right” said Will Smith during the press-junket of his upcoming movie, Bright.

The entire cast of Bright, filmmaker David Ayer, actors Will Smith, Noomi Rapace and Joel Edgerton are in India to promote their film.

Bright is a fantasy drama dealing with racism and class division through the landscape of alternate present where humans and fantasy creatures—Orcs, Fairies, Elves, Centaurs, Dwarves and more co-exists.

“Elves are on the top, Orcs are at the bottom and Humans are in the middle, so the movie is an interesting exploration of how we treat each other. What I love about Science fiction is that you get to go into this bizarre fantasy world but we’re actually talking about the real thing, fantasy world helps you digest the reality whole lot easier” said Will Smith about the film.

Popular actor Noomi believes the Bright is one movie which can be watched over and over again. She said, “I think it is a film that you can see over and over because it has so many layers. It has amazing action, relationship between Will and Joel character is fantastic, but there are so many things to discover”  

This is the first visit for Noomi Rapace, popular for her role from “Sherlock Holmes” series, expressed that she really cannot eat spicy food.

She said, “It is so spicy, I die. I can’t really eat spicy food. I start crying”

Bright is slated to release on December 22, 2017.

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