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Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Missed Oscar’

News Helpline | February, 24 2015

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winning actress. Hunger Games series and Silver Linings Playbook’s Jennifer is bold, sassy, beautiful and downright hilarious.
At Oscars, she had not-so-star-like moment, she tripped and fell during her Oscar win, which later turned into a joke-punch line, people have been pointing it ever since.  
However, this time around, Jennifer Lawrence wasn't even seen at 87th Annual Academy Awards. Some say she missed out on purpose, some say she didn’t have any nominations this year, some think, she is tired of silly jokes about her fall.   
So where is this Americas wweet heart, when entire world’s eyes were fixed on Oscar stage?
Oscar-winning actress was in Boston, working on her upcoming film, Joy, directed by David O. Russell, one more epic tale of rag-to-riches about the Miracle Mop inventor.
"He recently texted me at, I think, 4 in the morning, and was like, 'I think I want to make a movie about the woman who invented the [Miracle] Mop. You want to do it?' And I was like, yeah," quoted Lawrence.
Jennifer was seen holding her little pup, Pippi.

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