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CharlizeTheron’s son disappointed with Emily Blunt – the actress tells why on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

News Helpline | April, 21 2016

CharlizeTheron’s son disappointed with Emily Blunt – the actress tells why on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The beautiful Emily Blunt appeared on the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! promoting her upcoming fantasy film, The Huntsman: Winter’s War. During her chat with popular host Jimmy Kimmel, Blunt spokeabout her special FROZEN connection, her little admirer, riding an imaginary animal and her panic attack during her husband’s on-stage fashion disaster.

With her character Freya, the Ice Queen in her upcoming filmstrongly resembling Elsa from FROZEN, Kimmel pointed the striking similarities out to the actress, to which the actress revealed he wasn’t the only one. She said, “Charlize’s son was on set a lot and he’s obsessed with Frozen so he really thought I was Elsa,” Blunt said. “And then he got really disappointed because he saw me in my sweatpants one day with the white hair on, and he just looks at me and goes, ‘Put on your dress.’ Like, he was really bummed about it. ‘Put it on now.’

But that’s not all, according to Kimmel, the actress looked like “a lump on a golf cart” while shooting for the film, all thanks to the imaginary wolf-bear! Thecharacter Freya rides a wolf-bearinto battle, but since it actually doesn’t exist, Emily was required to ride a green contraption to give the same effect.

Blunt had to mimic a swaying movement while riding side-saddle in the golf cart, which she hilariously replicated for Kimmel. She revealed, “So I’m just like this on it, driving at a glacial pace towards the other actors, and I just remember coming towards Jessica Chastain and she was like this, trying not to laugh ‘cause she knew if she made me laugh, the whole shot would be ruined,” Blunt said. “You’re talking about 50 horses, 100 extras. The reset takes an hour.”

Blunt also spoke about a panic attack she got thanks to her husband’s recent fashion disaster while onstage for his play. She told the host,“John came out for his first scene, and his suit jacket was tucked into his pants… like, really tucked… wedged… I heard myself say, ‘Oh my God, no.’ And I just knew that everyone was gonna see… everyone’s gonna get the right angle at some point… I was panicking.” The actress felt a sense of gratitude towards the savior Hank Azaria, her husband’s co-star who came behind and removed the jacket before too many audience members noticed.

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