Thu, 18 Aug, 2022
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‘The Transporter Refueled’ To Have Real Car Crashes And Not CGI-Generated Effects!

Siddharth Dhongle | August, 24 2015

The trailer of upcoming film ‘The Transporter Refueled’ has already promised an action extravaganza and fans of the ‘Transporter’ series will be pleased to know that the film will have actual car crashes as opposed to CGI-generated effects.
Confirming the same, director Camille Delamarre said, “I avoided using too much CGI because I really wanted crumpled metal. Sure, we could create that CGI, but it wouldn’t have the same violence as a real car crash. We purposely crashed dozens and dozens of cars for the film because I wanted to provide truly sensational visual impact.” Reportedly, Delamarre’s team put together computer-generated 3-D pre-visualizations to determine the best camera placements before shooting key car chases so that they could get what Camille calls ‘wow’ shots.
The reboot film will star ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor Ed Skrein as Frank Martin with Ray Stevenson playing his father Frank Martin Sr. Apart from these two actors, the film also stars Gabriella Wright, Radivoje Bukvic, Anatole Taubman and Tatiana Pajkovic. To be released by Relativity-B4U, this action extravaganza, which will be out in four languages viz. English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu,  is slated to hit screens on September 4.

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