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The stigma of depression, mental health and alcoholism has to go, says Pooja Bhatt.

News Helpline | October, 10 2017

Pooja Bhatt with Suchitra Pillai and Salia Kariat were present at the World Mental Health Day event to explore an award-winning film ‘The Valley’. During media interaction the actress said,  the stigma of depression, mental health and alcoholism has to go.
Pooja Bhatt while talking about the film ‘The Valley’ and her own struggle with Depression said, “My sister Shaleen, suffers from depression, she realized that when she was 13 yrs old. We confuse sadness for depression, melancholy for depression but her’s was a crippling depression. When we (pooja and Shaleen) spoke about it Alia was mortified but the point is that when we talk about it. And people don’t pull the plug when you can talk about it. 
The stigma of depression, mental health and alcoholism has to go. We need to share more talk more, reach out and hold each other hand more. We live in a time where we share bodies but don’t for connections. We need more work like this film.”
The Valley is directed by Saila Kariat is an award-winning Indie drama talking about depression and mental health. The film stars Alyy Khan, Suchitra Pillai-Malik, Samina Peerzada, Barry Corbin, Christa B. Allen and Jake T. Austin. 
The filmmaker/ actress also shared words of wisdom her father (Mahesh Bhatt) gave her when she first became a director, “When I became a director with ‘Paap’, my father wrote me a letter on the day of the release. He said ‘This day for you might be the most monumental day, you are releasing a film as a director. And for me as a father, I oscillate between the dread of you failing and the hope of you succeeding. For the world, this is just another day, but there are people out there in Bollywood who would want to see you fail more than want to see u succeed. And if you are surprised by that then which world have u been living in. This is planet Bollywood there is no gratitude in this business.”
Pooja congratulated the filmmakers to have the guts to make a such a film in a time where even news has part of the entertainment, “People don’t really like talking about Depression, alcoholism, and mental health plus the film is from a female’s point of view, this is something that we must support. This film is something that we need to be spoken about more.”
Pooja’s latest production ‘Cabaret’ which went on the floor on 2016 will remain on hold until the crew fairly and transparently receives their dues without violating any copyrights said the actress.

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