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Power Of A Common Man, Koral Dasgupta teaches SRK way to connect with Consumers

News Helpline | May, 10 2014

16th May is the day when Indian politics will realize the Power of a Common Man through the victory or defeat of their parties. But just one day prior to that on 15th May all the SRK fans and followers will feel the power of a common man through the book written by author Koral Dasgupta. Title of the book is - Power of a Common Man, connecting with consumers, the SRK way. 

Isn't the title interesting enough which compel you to order the book asap. 18 chapters in the book, POWER OF A COMMON MAN : Connecting with Consumers the SRK Way attempt to analyze Shah Rukh Khan’s Fans/Followers/Consumers.

The actor has played different roles in the last 25 years : an actor, producer, host, endorser, cricket enthusiast, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, educationist, friend, business partner, orator…the list continues! And for each role that he offered, there was a Consumer.These consumers have trusted him, believed in him, loved him, criticized him, ditched him, and went back to him from time to time : but never ignored him! This book is the story of SRK and his Fans/Audience/Consumers all through his starry journey in the entertainment industry.

Jayesh Parekh, Co-founder of Sony Entertainment Television puts it as “Koral Dasgupta’s ambitious attempt to understand Shah Rukh Khan’s consumers have required collating endless media reports, observing thoroughly the star’s fanfare and bringing them all together to create a convincing story, where HERO is that Consumer who has ever loved and cheered for Khan!”

In this seminal work, author Koral Dasgupta takesus behind the scenes with the phenomenon called Shah Rukh Khan'. She chronicles his rise to fame as an actor, examines the reasons for his long supremacy at the top, analyses his moves in the business of entertainment and lauds his deep connect with the consumer. In this - Shah Rukh Khan's 25th year in showbiz -'Power of A Common Man' entertains and educateswith its quirky study and refreshing viewpoints.

About the author

Koral Dasgupta is an academic, management consultant and content editor. Her research papershave been published in leading journals and presentedat renowned B-Schools across India. Being a keenobserver of Bollywood, she loves to dig out academiclearning from the bling of films. She is also a freelancepainter; her paintings draw inspiration from Indianmythology and the Madhubani art form, and arecorporate gifts for many organisations. Wife of bestselling author Tuhin A. Sinha, books are a non-negotiable hobby-turned-work for Koral.

The book will be released on 15th May, but it can be ordered by loging on to


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