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From Hollywood to Bollywood: MV Director Blake Farber To Make His Directorial Venture In India

Siddharth Dhongle | January, 08 2015

Eminent American MV director, Blake Farber, who worked previously with top stars like Beyonce, and Alicia Keys, is set to direct a video in India.
A self-taught NYC filmmaker, Blake Farber worked on various film projects in Brazil, Korea, Japan, U.A.E, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Qatar to the back alleys of NYC.
Hailing from a background where his parents are professional photographers, his interest developed in visual arts at a very early age. Blake Farber began his career in film at the age of 16. As Blake began working on film projects, he never went to Film school. He gains experience while working abroad. In his words “All my film school was from the streets”.
He has already filmed in Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Japan and of course his hometown New York City. His love for music has placed him working alongside metal titans like Sepultura and R&B Queen Alicia Keys. His work can be seen on televisions from Africa to Brazil. In USA, Blake’s work can be seen with his music video direction in “Countdown” by Beyonce.
His dream to visit and work in India has finally come true. Where he will direct a video for the Indie Electronic Rock band “Sundog Project”.  He tells “it’s my first time and dream to come to India finally and working on a small video and networking to see what I can tackle here”.
To know more about his work check him out here on :
We wish him good luck and happy working in India. 

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