Wed, 27 Sep, 2023
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Youth Is Teaching Us Nowadays Says Manoj Bajpayee

Ravi Sharma | January, 27 2022

Veteran actor Manoj Bajapyee believes that time for sharing tips with youngster is long gone, it now youngster that are teaching him something new every day. 
Manoj Bajpayee was interacting with NewsHelpline on the sidelines of Jai Bheem App launch in Mumbai. 
When asked If Manoj Bajpayee being a senior actor would like to share some tips to aspiring artists or youth in general, he said, “I think for us giving tips to youth is gone, nowadays, youth is giving us tips. Honestly, I am not competing with them, I am learning from the youth these days, presenting myself differently, and work in accordance with them, things like that, because youth is constantly changing themselves”
Drawing a comparison with his growing up year, Manoj added, “When we were starting out, we didn’t have such avenues, neither we thought about it, but today, society is changing fast, lot has changed, and this digital medium is going to take you places, it is a miracle how far we have come with digital medium” 
“Digital medium has provided everyone with opportunities, but people have used it for bad things as well, so I want to urge everyone to use it responsibly, do something big with it, not something bad” concluded Manoj. 
National Award winner actor Manoj is busy on work front, he has lined up three massive releases with filmmakers such as Ravi Reddy, Kannu Bhal and Abhishek Chaubey. 

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