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We intend to make meaningful cinema says Tera Intezaar Producer.

Sanyukta Thakare | November, 29 2017

Tera Intezaar filmmakers held a meet and greet with the film’s lead actor Sunny Leone and the producers Mr. Bijal Mehta and Mrs. Aman Mehta. During interaction with media co-producer Bijal talked about Bagesgree Films future and said, we intends to make meaningful cinema.

Bageshree Films is debuting in Bollywood with Arbaz Khan and Sunny Leone, when asked what else does the production house have in store for the audience, Producer Mr. Bijal Mehta said, “We forayed in Bollywood with the right thought process. Ok, it's not hungry your passion but also a business for us. We did not step in, to go back and we intend to make meaningful cinema we are looking for other scripts already and will announce on next soon in a month’s time.”

A notice was issued to the producers of the film by Mattel Inc, the manufacturer of the trademark Barbie dolls. The makers have been accused of using the word ‘Barbie’ in the song without the company’s permission. 

When asked the current situation around the court battle for the song, Bijal said, “Whenever we work on something good, bad things are bound to happen that create hurdles. Now that we have been through this, I will look at it as a learning curve. And the High court has anyways ruled in our favor so it’s not a problem to us. I believe the result was ruled in our favor on audiences demand. People loved the song a lot and that has helped us with this hurdle.”

Whereas co-producer Mrs. Aman Mehat said she didn’t have the slightest of idea that this could turn out to a problem when they wrote the song. “We made the music first of the film, based on the story and situations we composed the song and lyrics. Since we have worked so hard day in and day out, we are really happy with the response to our songs. When we started working on the song we had no idea it would become such a huge deal.”

She further added, “Really excited for the film, we have only won half the battle yet. Rest we will find out after the film releases and we know the audience’s reaction.”

The film directed by Raajeev Walia features Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone in lead role. Produced by Bageshree films,

It is slated to release on 1st December 2017.

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