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We have started preparations to create something very interesting and nice for the audience in Baaghi 3 says Ahmed Khan

Ashwin Sheshware | March, 10 2018

Choreographer turned director Ahmed Khan graced the inauguration of new dance reality show High-Fever here in Mumbai. During his media interaction, Ahmed said that they have started preparations to create something very interesting and nice for the audience in Baaghi 3.

Sajid Nadiadwala announced Baaghi 3, even before Baaghi 2 trailer hit the stand, which reunites Ahmed Khan with Tiger Shroff. The filmmaker says he is overwhelmed with the confidence of the producer.

Talking about the pressure of Baaghi 3, Ahmed Khan said, “Baaghi 3 announcement took place even before the trailer release and from a producer like Sajid Nadiadwala, who is the number one producer in Bollywood right now. So the amount of confidence he has on me and Tiger Shroff, we’re overwhelmed with it”

“So he told us one thing, see you have taken the action level to such a level in Baaghi 2, now you have to take the action on a higher level. We have started preparations to create something very interesting and nice for the audience in Baaghi 3. I am sure we will come victorious because audience support is tremendous” 

Ahmed Khan and Tiger Shroff have collaborated for forthcoming action thriller Baaghi 2 and the filmmaker is just awe-struck by the talented actor. He said, “I haven’t done much choreography since last one year, but as a choreographer or as a director, I think I see Tiger Shroff right now. Because you ask him to dance, he is ready, to tell him to do action, he does it out of his limits, for a bare body shot he is ready in five minutes because he is always fit”

“Looks-wise he is changed, there is a transformation in him. I asked him for a haircut, he was ready. He is an actor who is a complete hero. Whether it is songs, action, acting or anything, he is ready. I think Tiger Shroff is complete in terms of everything. Of course, there is Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, these are the boys who are ready to go”

Ahmed Khan has learned choreography under the tutelage of maestro Saroj Khan and admits he is fans of Tiger Shroff after Saroj.

He said, “I have been a fan of my master Saroj Khan, and following dance, I think it keeps changing. Sometimes you’ve been Michael Jacksons fan or MC Hammer, then you become Govinda’s fan, nowadays I am Tiger Shroff’s fan. I want a body like him, I want to dance like him, and I want to perform stunts like him”

Talking about Baaghi 2 and the tremendous response the movie is getting, Ahmed said, “We’ve released one more song today from Baaghi 2, it is a beautiful romantic track. People have loved the trailer and I am very happy about it as I’ve worked really hard for the film. I’ve worked hard, my team has worked hard, and we thought about taking the action quotient to a certain level and we’ve managed to make it look really nice” 

“But I’d like to say something with a challenge, the action people have seen in the trailer that is just 25% and once you watch the film it is completely different” 

The Show High Fever unites Lara Dutt, Dana Alexa and Ahmed Khan for the epic dance battle between unique and different pairs.

Baaghi 2 also stars Disha Patani in the lead and releases on 30th March 2018.

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