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Vivek pricks Salman, "Sher" pe "Saawa Sher".

News Helpline | May, 31 2012


Few years ago, two prince had a war between them. The war to decide who would win the most beautiful princes. But, what an amazing twist in the tale the princes married the powerful king of the kigdom. And the two prince were left sour heartened. Its not a fairy tale. this is a real story that we all witnessed.

Few years back @ press conference Vivek put forth alligations on Salman for threathing him and Ash. Soon after which Ash parted out from Vivek. But, the wall of awkwardness and sour feel between the two actors still exist.

In an conversation with Vivek we could easily find the existing bitterness between the two. Vivek takes a dig @ salman saying, 'Sher is bigger than Tiger'. by this he referd to the titles of their upcoming movie.

 Vivek is casted to perform Soham Shah's action thriller 'SHER'. A similar kind of title 'EK THA TIGER' directed by Kabir Khan cast Salman as RAW agent. Ek Tha Tiger is slated to release this August.

 Well Vivek seems taking a panga with Salman again. When reminded about Salman's other upcoming film titled Sher Khan, Vivek said, "It is a good thing that, the city is filled with 'Sher(s)'.

 Vivek also seems pricking SRK and Salman on the smoking issue. Vivek addressed the media recently on the sidelines of launching the 'Cigarette Bujhao Life Banao' campaign to mark World Tobacco Day.

 On smoking habits of actors like Salman and Shah Rukh Khan, Vivek said, "I know that they acknowledge that smoking is bad habit. But it's an individual decision."

 Well we are quite surprised by Vivek's gesture. Its difficult to understand weather its a compliment on a pin prick comment. All thet we understood, ' As womens have cat fight the two actors have entered into the race of Sher fight.'


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